'Show' - Indian Sweetened Angel Hair/Vermicelli Breakfast & A Life Story

I hear often on food travel shows about cheap peasant foods and offal meats, traditionally and historically affordable for the impoverished. Although vegetarian, this brings to mind, our breakfast rituals growing up, very basic, simple and wholesome, less than handful of ingredients. Maybe another key to families in dire circumstances are key basic ingredients, one being milk. Growing up as most families in Israel, we had a milkman deliver the milk in what today we look at as vintage glass bottles. Then again I don't recall when that tradition stopped or maybe my mom just couldn't afford?! As she might not have had two 'pennies' (agorot) to rub even if we dug in between the couch cushions.

Pita, Plain, with Zaatar & Tomatoes

Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami
Before we proceed I just want to mention, how we are all united in support of the Japanese people and nation in heart and spirit. If you wish to help with the rebuilding efforts, please feel free to consider a donation at http://www.redcross.org/ or click the photo above. Let us all embrace and cherish every moment with those who are precious to us.

Pitas, considering how simple the dough is, it's helpful if you know some tips and suggestions for baking a perfect pita. Shape and thickness are key so you won't get pita rolls accidentally. Seal dough with a touch of oil before first rise and cover with a moist towel during second 10 minute plus minus rest, will result in a phenomenal pita. Nothing beats a house that smells of baked breads especially when guests or your family members step in from the outside. Please read the entire post for tidbits of do and don'ts, entirely based on my experience. It does tempt me to one day build a clay oven in the backyard or a taboon.

Guest Post at Steamy Kitchen - Indian Cabbage with Crispy, Crunchy Chickpeas

When Jaden asked me to guest post at Steamy Kitchen I said YES without as much as a flinch or catching my breath! No surprise there! I have followed Jaden from day one of my twitterverse days and amazed to see how down to earth, relatable and gracious, equally to everyone, she is. I realize the hard work that goes into what she does but she makes it seem so effortless.

Skip over to Steamy Kitchen's site for the rest of the post and recipe here and Steamy Kitchen main site: http://steamykitchen.com/ 

Black Eyed Peas and Potato Curry & Reminiscing about Home

Haven't thought about it that much, maybe just brushed the thoughts away, as we are now paying a small sum called a college tuition, and need to be grown up and thoughtful about expenditures, but I can't help but having these overwhelming home sick feelings. Yes I have now lived in the United States for more than half my life but my first cousin's wedding in February and another cousin's in June, on top of a nephew's bar mitzvah this coming December makes me itchy to go home.

Mango Chutney

This week I have been cooking everything Indian. Indian curries almost every day. Whether it's mung bean which started as a dahl and turned into more of a curry. Black eyed pea curry and basmati rice which never fails. The grains separate one by one, which means I mastered the technique.