An Indian Omelet

What came as an invitation from Manisha, at Indian Food Rocks, to join her and Soma, at eCurry at making Indian omelets. Well, simple enough you should think, right?! Not so! Making a perfect omelet or for that matter anything eggs, whether hard boiled, sunny side or poached are a form of art. Jonathan reigns supreme here in this house when it comes to anything eggs. So for this little project it will be a collaboration, if you can call what happened next that. While I am overlooking flavor and ingredients, he will be dealing with the technique and production. Here we go again the reluctant apprentice! (This is Jonathan here, I take issue with "reluctant apprentice," indentured servant is more like it).

The Accidental Chocolate Pudding

When you give me a recipe I use it as an inspiration. While scanning through the ingredient list, a million light bulbs flash through my mind and take me in different directions, sometimes bulbs will burn out, but more often than not, wonderful ideas 'ping pong-ing' around in my mind and then a crisp and clear vision of the dish emerges. So when fellow food bloggers ask me to join a project or guest post, I have the best of intentions, only the end product would have a slight if any resemblance to the original concept. I do not wish to disappoint my friends with a missed deadline or altogether missing the point, so often I bow out.

Artichoke-Rosemary Tart with Polenta Crust & Ancient Grains for Modern Meals Cookbook Giveaway

Sara Remington © 2011

This GIVEAWAY is now CLOSED!! Congratulations to The Spicy RD!!

Floating Sesame Loaf recipe by Maria Speck is one of many compelling reasons to wish to win a copy of Ancient Grains for Modern Meals cookbook or rush to buy it. If you are an experienced baker, you will be mesmerized by the no knead, no rise, immerse entire whole wheat dough in water technique. If you are a novice baker, and fear the mystique of yeast breads, this is a no fuss beginner's level loaf. Fantastic to bake with kids, as the dough is ready to bake when it plops and floats to the top after being immersed. If you are anything like the Greek and German born and raised, Maria Speck, who moved to the United Staes as a young adult and now lives in Cambridge MA, that will be the turning point and you will fall in love with baking.

The Perfect Honey Challah - A Guest Post at Indonesia Eats

In this part of the world Challah is a household name just like Oy and the term Kosher as in the expression 'is this kosher?!' (Is it legit?!) so to my delight when Pepy asked me to be a guest on Indonesia Eats and post something ethnic, the first thing that came to mind was a challah חלה. As it might be popular here, perfect aged for French toast or bread pudding this Jewish traditional staple might not be that well known in other parts of the world. I sang Pepy's praises in my post Blog Awards and Happy Year of the Rabbit and her guest Cassava Fritters post on Food Wanderings. I thank my friend Pepy for having me over at her beautiful site at Indonesia Eats.

Hulled Yellow Mung Bean Dahl, A Poor Cabinet Door & A Lost Mojo

I just want to share with you a moment when I lost my mojo and it took us, umm Jonathan, disassembling, in an already crumbling old house, a laundry room cabinet door, for me to get my mojo back. At first I used it for a photo shoot for a post coming out on Monday May 9, prettied the surface up with different blooms from the yard and over stylized but many snaps later it didn't look right. Told you, no mojo, and it was nowhere to be found! Jonathan edited the upcoming post glimpsing at the pictures he noticed the door wasn't a prop and all his efforts prying a 1955 door off its hinges were completely in vain, lost.