Tabouleh - A Lebanese Parsley, Bulgur Wheat, Mint, Onion & Tomato Salad

This tabouleh was inspired by my recent essay 'A Chance Encounter with Ed Hyder's Mediterranean Marketplace' post. I have made tabouleh plenty of times in the past, but never from a recipe. For the purpose of this post, I had to backtrack and come up with one. I usually add the basic ingredients and adjust lemon, mint leaves and salt for flavor as I go. I adjust oil as I go for consistency's sake. I have different quirks, I call them quirks, but they are sound advice that I think help achieve the best tabouleh.

A Chance Encounter with Ed Hyder's Mediterranean Marketplace

Worcester, an obscure place that didn't even earn an honorary spot along the Mass Pike. A place I was thrown into in the midst of winter without proper insulating attire. Just off the boat, so to speak, directly from Israel, I slowly came to respect and grow to take joy in it. As we scooted hurriedly out of town I had to make those last pit stops for lunch. I am shaking off images of this dreary town and want to dig deeper into the charmed every day life. A pocket of working and middle class college town out in central MA, a mere hour west of Boston.

Kale, Cannellini Beans & Potato Soup

I was not planning on posting this recipe, if not for the folks at Whole Foods asking me to share it with them out of curiosity, when they saw what my son said: “it tastes like Whole Foods minestrone.”

Majdool Dates & Tamarind Chutney, Sweetened Yogurt & Red Swiss Chard & Dinosaur Kale Chips Chaat

A couple turn of events inspired this post. The first involves a case of childhood thievery. While I was never the type to shoplift a Bazooka at the corner shop, I was known to sneak off tamarind**, well hidden at the cupboards, and eat it all. Risking a tummy ache and my mom's most horrid threats of most severe consequences and punishment, unless someone fesses up, but I never did.

Rolled Oats, Cardamon, Cara Cara & Blood Oranges Porridge

You would think me Goldilocks. (**)

Growing up I loathed porridge. My mom used to make it especially when we were young with semolina and sometimes rice. You can imagine my contorted young face, my eyes rolling as I get nauseated just from the thought and anticipation of what's simmering in the sauce pan on top of the gas stove in our tiny kitchen. My mom was determined to get some cheap and quick nutritious breakfast into our skinny bodies. Spoon feeding us on a busy morning, just moments before we bolt out the door, late, to school. That was kindergarten and first grade. My mom already on kid number five and pregnant again. I got no memories of porridge thereafter.

Marbled Rye Bread

I am happy to be professionally collaborating with Red Star Yeast in 2012. I will be documenting my baking adventures and hopefully sharing some useful information on baking with yeast in this series. As you know, from the multiple challahs, babka and yeast doughnuts on my site, I love baking anything with yeast. It's addictive, therapeutic and delicious.