Indian Inspired Black Radish & Mung Bean Salad

When I read 'The surprise of a winter radish' by Emily Horton at The Washington Post Food section on Wednesday I felt antsy. I couldn't wait for Sunday to arrive to make my excursion into the farmers market in DC for this elusive, new to me radish. All week I fantasized radish!

Meatball & Rice Dumplings Soup, A Romanian Style Chorba (Ciorba)

It felt like spring today and I spent it mostly outside picking up debris and sweet gum balls in the backyard. The birds were chirping bright and early, just before the crack of dawn, building a nest just outside our bedroom window sill. The daffodils are full of buds almost bursting with flowers and the mossy grass is speckled with glory of the snow blooms. Nature is coming alive, entirely confused.

Multigrain Oatmeal Bread

Occasionally I pick up healthy multigrain and seeds breads at various markets and bakeries. The density of these loaves is perpetually disappointing. Although I bake with yeast for many years now,  tackling home made multigrain and seeds breads has been on my to do list for awhile. This particular recipe yields such a light and airy loaf that I can see pairing it perfectly at any meal during the day. A toasted slice of multigrain oatmeal with a homemade jam or marmalade in the morning, or a freshly baked slice with a vibrant yolk fried egg for dinner at night, or paired with avocado and alfalfa sprouts or arugula on a picnic lunch.

A Wintery Balkan Cannellini Stew Comfort

Come winter, I crave hearty, comforting dishes and I pull out my Balkan food cookbook, sitting lonesome, shunned and tucked away the rest of the seasons. As earthy as the Balkan dishes are, they possess their own intricacies and flavor pairings sensibilities, and every winter I look at the cookbook for a refresher on the Balkan cuisine subtle flavor pairings brilliance.

Cinnamon Buns, a College Care Package & a Giveaway!

This is the second post in the series of my professional collaboration with Red Star Yeast. It fits beautifully with my love for breakfast and brunch pastries. As you already know from my first post in the series, Marbled Rye Bread, I mostly like baking with yeast. More importantly I decided to bake cinnamon buns for my beautiful son away in college. He would be so happy to get this care package with his binoculars for his Natural Resources Conservation field work, some folders he had at home, granola I packed in individual small bags as snacks and these cinnamon buns. He will probably share the buns and granola with his roommate and floor buddies. He's got a generous spirit and a big heart. He is proud of my 'concoctions' and thrives on company, so feasting together and sharing  makes him so happy, even when I say save some for yourself for the next day.