DC Eats & Food: My Lunches with Jeanne; Daikaya Ramen Shop

While some of the lunches in this series were with my friend Jeanne, the others were my outings with my hubby Jonathan. Same difference both names begin with the letter J, ahahaha. I am looking forward to my renewed DC food explorations with Jeanne this fall after our summer hiatus. This summer Jeanne has been out of town mostly and entertaining her brood of three.

While I am more of a pho gal, ramen is growing on me. The flavorful rendition I raved about in my post about Pai Men Miyaki, in Portland Maine, and yesterday's DC outing, with Jonathan, to Daikaya's, are making me a convert. I am not one to judge whether both ramen renditions are authentic or not, that remains to me still a riddle, but they are mighty flavorful and tasty and that is all that matters to me.
Daikaya the ramen shop on the first floor, yesterday offered a stage for great photographs. We are yet to visit Izakaya above. The cooks were super friendly. They told me about the minute and a half noodles and the barely thirty seconds veggies in a wok. The set up of the twin woks on top of a blazing fire stove surrounded by a moat-like water pool was mesmerizing. I have never seen anything like it, but yet again how many ramen houses have I frequented and how many trips to Japan or the Far East have I taken?!
We ordered the vegetarian ramen that can be a vegan version too if not for the eggs I ordered. Just to be honest I did it for the photo op's sake. How vain. Besides, the eggs turned out runnier than I like them, counter to everyone else' tastes. Furthermore, I found out they were cooked in a pork stock, so I took them out. Still, they did photograph well.
I have been slacking off posting my mini food adventures but you can follow me on Instagram for 'LIVE' coverage.:) As we speak, I am working on a recap post, so stay tuned as a condensed one is coming out soon.

705 6th St. NW
Washington, DC

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Disclaimer: I do not get comped by restaurants or their PR agencies to write these posts. I foot the bill myself. I will share only places I love. This post was shot with my iPhone. While I loved the places I visited at the time things might have changed for the better or worse over time.


  1. Wonderful! I'd love to visit such a kitchen.



  2. That is so nice to be behind the scene. Love the noodles..Great post.

  3. Great review and now I'm left so so hungry :D

  4. I was so tempted by these photos on instagram a couple weeks ago. Now seeing them in the post has me wanting to go to the restaurant for lunch and dinner today! Delicious!