Bullfrog Bagels - The Jewish Irish Connection

Late morning, a couple of Fridays ago, I ventured off to Bullfrog Bagels for my monthly gig over at the Jewish Food Experience. I love this sort of little adventure.
Jeremiah Cohen & Abby Sexton of Bullfrog Bagels

Little had I known that my opening sentence to my article would begin like this: "The worlds of the Irish and Jewish doubly collided with the opening of Bullfrog Bagels, over at Star and Shamrock Tavern and Deli on 1341 H St. NE, DC."
I had it all planned out, my original opening sentence, only for my visit to put a wrench into my carefully crafted pre-conceived ideas, resulting in me re-organizing my thoughts and writings about the subject matter.
I hope the Irish-Jewish connection sparked your interest and you'll be heading over to read my piece, A Match Made on H St. over at The Jewish Food Experience. I recently reined in my subject matters, and as you can see here and here, as some examples. More recently, I enjoy writing about a single subject rather than much broader topics.

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  1. They look fabulous! I love their unique shape.



  2. Great piece! I love learning about the history behind different foods and I didn't know about the Jewish Irish connection!

  3. Thanks for taking me to the Bullfrog. Next time, I'll treat ;)