(un)tamed stillness; a photography project

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(un)tamed stillness; an artist's statement:

(un)tamed stillness is an exercise in black and white. It's contradictory yet complementary to and within nature, the environment surrounding us, and our human selves. The restlessness, stillness, emptiness, and self-contentment, heightened by quarantine. The juxtaposition of time passing us by while seemingly standing still. 

(un)tamed stillness is an exercise in pushing the boundaries and thinking beyond my self-imposed inhibitions, learning to see beyond the obvious and within new algorithms. Reining in my love for color and transcending myself through monochromatic shades of grey.

In this series, I am creating earthy and textural organic images flowing seamlessly from outdoors to indoors, intertwining, transporting from the shore moving inland. The images have a cool desolate sense, yet are a reprieve of welcomed solitude and reverence. Spaces filled with familiar portraits and comforting glimmers of deep woods, dunes, and deserts, both near and reminiscent of a place 7,000 miles apart. A place where at the first glimpse of sparkling sand dunes and glistening sea bringing me instantaneously to a place where I find most at home where I find solace.

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