Strawberry Basil Sorbet

Just quickly, I would like to share with you this refreshing sorbet I churned a couple of weeks ago. The basil adds such a POW of freshness to the strawberries. Imagine an intermezzo, a brief interlude, in between courses to cleanse your palette with aromatic cooling freshness. It's also, or more accurately, primarily, a great delicious summer frozen treat. This particular sorbet didn't come out icy, though I had to stick the scooped cone in the freezer, so it wouldn't melt quickly as I photograph it. The consistency was a smooth, idyllic, epitome of a sorbet.
I will be somewhat absent in the next couple of weeks but follow me here. I will be Instagram-ing. Wishing you all a great summer and to those of you who are experiencing winter, take solace that you are not enduring the humidity here.
Strawberry Basil Sorbet

1 lb strawberries, hulled and sliced
1/2 cup sugar (adjust according to sweetness of strawberries*)
1/2 cup fresh basil, julienned (adjust according to taste)
1-2 tablespoon fresh lemon juice (optional)

In a bowl with a lid, add the sugar and the basil to the strawberries, mix, cover with a lid and let macerate in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours. Best to macerate overnight. Stir once or twice while macerating. Add to a food processor and whizz to a smooth consistency. Churn according to manufacturer's instructions, scoop to a container with a lid and freeze for at least a few hours. Let thaw a tad before serving.

*I wouldn't recommend using less than 1/2  a cup of sugar as it contributes to the smooth consistency of the sorbet.

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