Halva Stracciatella Ice Cream

Two years ago, I turned up my nose at the sound of this new to me trend, the halva ice cream. Endomela (in Hebrew: None-Like-Her), an ice cream shop in Acre, Israel, owned by the infamous Santa Claus like bearded Uri Jeremias (nicknamed Uri Buri), was among the firsts leading the trend.
Later, once the idea simmered in, I realized tahini ice cream is not so far fetched, given that one of my favorite childhood sweets, halva, is made with sesame paste. I sometimes, not often, used to have halva in a sandwich with a chocolate spread, like peanut butter and jelly here.
Before you hop and skip over to Jewish Food Experience, my monthly gig, to continue reading the Halva Ice Cream story and recipe, I would like to extend my thanks to Lora, Daphne, Judy, Domenica and Michelle for their assistance, with the etymology and usage of the word Stracciatella.

Props to my husband Jonathan, for modeling, despite the heat, drips and the nasty bugs out there.

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